Some of the Most Amazing Uses of Banana Peels


1. Clearing acne and zits from the face

Banana peels can actually give you clear skin and help you get rid of acne and zits. Banana peels contain an exfoliating agent that occurs naturally in the inner skin layer of the peel. Place a dub of this peel on the area affected by acne bumps, that peels exfoliating ability will reduce inflammation and clear out germs that can cause the bump to grow bigger or spread.

2. Gets rid of puffiness under the eyes

Puffiness under the eyes usually form as you age and makes your face look saggy and tired. Banana peels contain potassium that is able to reduce the puffiness. You can either opt to place a small piece of the banana peel under your eyes where puffiness takes place of mix a scrape off the inner peel with aloe vera gel and dub some of the mixture around the eyes.

3. Whitens Teeth


No more costly dates at your dentist. All you need to do is rub the inner side of a banana peel against your teeth and let it settle for a minute or so before going ahead to rinsing your mouth. The peel is able to whiten your teeth and make them shine because of the manganese, potassium and magnesium found in it.

4. Relieves Itchiness


Nothing spoils a nice basking in the sun moment like the darned mosquitoes that bite and leave red, itchy spots in their wake. Rather than digging into your skin with your sharp nails, place a banana peel on the bite for 10 minutes. You then need to rub it against your skin to help soothe the itchiness.

5. Helps Treat Depression


I’m sure most of you are doubting this but and what to understand how banana peels and depression are connected. But on a serious note, bananas and banana peels are rich in tryptophan which is an amino acid that converts into serotonin. Serotonin is a mono transmitter is responsible for helping someone with stress feel relaxed. You can scrape some of the inner peel and add it to your cup of tea or on a piece of toast. However, depression is a serious medical condition, please seeking help from a specialized professional if you find it too much to handle.

6. Shoos Away Insects

As a natural pesticide, banana peels are anti-bugs. For those tired of seeing bugs around your beautiful kitchen garden, you can burry a banana peel approximately 2 inches into the garden soil. The bugs will soon be a thing of the passed as they begin to skedaddle of your garden.

7. Plant fonder

Most people usually make use of natural organic waste by turning and using it as composed in order to enrich the soil. Peels form bananas are enormously beneficial since they decompose quickly, becoming food for other plants. The quick decomposition of banana peels means quicker food for other plants, thus, allowing them to grow and produce faster.

8. Polishes Shoes


Polishing shoes with banana peels might sound crazy, especially if your thought is about you potentially leaving a slimy film of banana on your leather. Since the main ingredient in shoe polish is potassium which is also present in a certain fruit all you need to do is rub the outer layer of the banana peel onto your shoes and let it sit for a minute or so before wiping the film off with a clean towel.

9. Improves Growth of Indoor Plants

Some plants do flourish when planted inside, however, some do not do so well due to the poor air circulation. Considering this deficiency, you can improve the plants growth by infusing a bucket of water with several banana peels. This homebased fertilizer is a fast way to introduce much-needed nutrients to your plants.

10. Food for farm animals

For people rearing pigs, goats, cows or any other farm animal, banana peels are a great food source alternative. You’ll be pleased to know that farm animals like the taste of these peels. Some of the few notable benefits that come when you feed your animals with banana peels include liveliness, reduced cholesterol levels, and a controllable weight gain diet.

11. Gives an Asian feel to your home-made meals

A lot of meats and vegetables in Asian cuisines are mainly wrapped with banana leaves prior to being boiled, steamed, roasted or barbecued. However, if finding banana leaves has proven challenging, you can use peels.

12. Reduces Wrinkles and Lines

Lutein is a type of antioxidant that is found in trace amounts within the inner side of banana peels. It is responsible for keeping any signs of aging at bay. To enjoy the full extent of this antioxidant, just rub the inner side of the banana peel on you face and let it sit for about half an hour then rinse the film off with warm water.

13. Treats Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition that mostly affects the skin around the neck, face, and scalp. The infected area grows dry and begins to itch. The afflicted patches usually take some time to fully heal with use of topical medication and creams. However, you can use banana peels by rubbing them in the afflicted area to moisturize and soothe the itchiness if you’re in a pinch.

14. Gets rid of puffiness under the eyes

Puffiness under the eyes usually form as you age and makes your face look saggy and tired. Banana peels contain potassium that is able to reduce the puffiness. You can either opt to place a small piece of the banana peel under your eyes where puffiness takes place of mix a scrape off the inner peel with aloe vera gel and dub some of the mixture around the eyes.

15. Clears cigarette odors

There is nothing more stressful than trying to remove the cigarette smell left over after finishing up with them. Most smokers usually try to mask the odor with the more commonly used car fresheners which just makes it worse since the car or room will now radiate a confusing sent of unpleasant tobacco and pleasant lilac. On the other hand, banana peels are great at eliminating cigarettes smell completely. Place the peels in a small bag inside the car or room. Do this repeatedly until the smell is gone.

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