15 Herbal Remedies for Cleansing a Fatty Liver


1) Artichoke Leaf

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The compound, cynarin, present in artichokes when consumed can help the liver secrete more bile. Bile secretion by the liver helps in detoxifying the body of toxins. Eating the plant will thus help increase its efficiency.

2) Ginger

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The herb is anti-inflammatory, which makes it efficient for cleansing the liver. It contains shogaol and gingerol that hinder cytokines and prostaglandin chemicals, which cause inflammation in the body. Apart from healing NAFLD, it can help prevent it.

3) Broccoli Sprouts

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Broccoli sprouts contain sulforaphane, which is beneficial in detoxifying the body. The compound helps increase cells that help the body fight a wide range of toxins. The sprouts are foods you can consume to boost your liver function.

4) Greater Celandine

Image Credits: pixabay.com

The well-known herb from ancient times is a great liver cleanser. It increases the functions of liver enzymes, thus allowing it to remove all unwanted particles from your body. It hastens the liver function and increases bile production.

5) Turmeric

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The rich in color root is not only a great spice but also a quality medicinal herb. The curcumin compound in it helps in detoxification as it increases the secretion of bile. It also helps in repairing worn-out cells in the liver, thus renewing its power.

6) Garlic

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A favorite spice in kitchens, garlic is also medicinal thanks to high levels of Sulphur in it. Sulfur helps in flushing toxins out of your body due to its activity on the enzymes inside the liver. The spice also contains selenium, which boosts immunity in the liver.

7) Milk Thistle Seed

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Milk thistle has the power to cleanse your liver and strengthen its function. It makes detoxification easy and can flush out alcohol toxins. It also repairs worn-out liver tissue and increases the secretion of bile.

8) Beetroot

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Rich in fiber and color, beetroot is helpful in the detoxification process. Pectin in the root helps the liver to cleanse the body and flush out toxins. Beetroot juice offers your body anti-inflammatory antioxidants like betalain.

9) Borututu Bark

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For liver cleansing, the Borututu bark is your go-to herb. It not only cleanses the liver but aids in keeping the digestive system free of toxins. It contains antioxidants that protect liver cells from destruction by toxins.

10) Dandelion Root

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Though it is a weed you may despise, Dandelion is a powerful herb you can use for liver cleansing. It helps boost the production of bile. It can also cure liver diseases such as cirrhosis, fatty liver, among others.

11) Chanca Piedra

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From ancient times, Chanca Piedra has been in use as a remedy for extracting stones from the liver, kidney, and gallbladder. It boosts the liver function enabling it to flush out harmful toxins out of your body.

12) Yellow Dock Root

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Bile production increases after consuming this herb, and your liver function improves. It helps purify the blood and is a great detox herb. It aids in breaking down fats, thus making work easier for the liver.

13) Chicory Root

Image Credits: pixabay.com

You can cleanse your liver by using chicory root and leaves. The herb has potent medicinal properties that can remedy various liver problems. It can heal liver stones, jaundice, urinary stones, and the digestive system.

14) Peppermint

Image Credits: pixabay.com

It not only freshens your breath but also increases the production of bile. The herb aids in the relaxation of bile ducts, thus easing fat breakdown. It makes the liver’s detoxification process faster as it minimizes bad cholesterol.

15) Lemon

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A glass of lemon a day can assist the liver in its detoxification process. It’s possible due to the antioxidants and vitamin C in this citrus plant. They help increase the production of glutathione enzymes in the liver.

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