21 Runway Outfits That Look Totally Different on Models and Celebrities

Runway models have perfect proportions — they are tall and also have endlessly long legs. It’s believed that clothes look more showy and advantageous on these body shapes. But is this always true?


14 Obvious Reasons Why Almost All the Time You Feel Hungry

ADVERTISEMENT: Perhaps you also find it very hard to feel satisfied in terms of food. Based on studies, people are not always satisfied after eating a good meal. Good meal in terms of quantity and quality. It is also established that losing weight and bad health results from excessive hunger. …


Tori Roloff: First Child Incurable Diagnosis and More Saddening Family Troubles

ADVERTISEMENT: Tori Roloff is known for her reality TV show called Little People, Big World. When she gave birth to his son, she realized that the newborn was just like his father, who was also diagnosed with dwarfism. However, she was never worried about the situation. All she wanted was …


15 Pointers As to Why You Are Constantly Hungry

ADVERTISEMENT: Are you among the few individuals who find it hard to feel full? Due to various researched that have been carried out, most people get plagued by perpetual hunger. Excessive hunger is real, and it has multiple effects on your health and especially when the ability to get rid …


30 Hairstyles That Will Leave You Looking 10 Years Younger

ADVERTISEMENT: 30. Layered Curls The notion that older women should only do shorter hairstyle to reduce the appearance of fine lines and spots is wrong. With the right hairdo, such as graduated layers you can still rock long hair in your senior years and look younger. This style works for …


Recipes Proving Paleo Diet Is Not Boring

ADVERTISEMENT: For our brothers and sisters how have been living under a rock for the past decade or two, paleo diet is basically a “Stone Age” diet that bases its core principles from our hunter-gatherer, ancestors and merges those with modern scientific research and a fair dose of common sense. …


Best Eating Practices for 2019

ADVERTISEMENT: As the New Year comes so does new sets of resolutions. Most people woke up on the 1st with a resolve to change their lifestyles for the remainder of 2019. Most resolutions revolve around losing weight, eating healthier and getting in shape. We are here for those individuals who …


The Worst Diets to Try in 2019 According to a Registered Dietitian

ADVERTISEMENT: Why anything With the Words “Detox” or “Cleanse” is so 2018 Cleanses took various forms in 2018 — from “teatoxing” promoted by Cardi B to Izo Cleanse made popular by Kelly and Ryan , therefore, it’s only logical that we’ll come across a few more of ’em this year. …


The Best Diets of 2019, According to a Registered Dietitian

ADVERTISEMENT: Why the Mediterranean reigns supreme. As we begin a new year, we all desire to lose those pounds we gained during the holiday season. Fad diets are the in thing right now but it important to recognize that better health and weight loss begin with choices that, in due …


Is Organic better than Local? A Comparison of the Two

ADVERTISEMENT: Is Organic better than Local? A Comparison of the Two How we should nourish our bodies is one of the few ethical questions we have today in the cooking world. In recent years there has been an increased rise in industrially produced food through the use of chemical enhancers …