Healthiest Cooking Methods


Cooking up a flavorful and juicy food can be achieved in many ways without the need of needless extras. Many individuals never take time to consider the effects of their cooking method on the nutritional make-up of meal even though most of them when cooking up healthy meal know to ditch the fryer.

In vegetables, heat can destroy from 15 up to 20 percent of the vitamins especially folate, potassium and vitamin C. Some of the cooking ways highlighted below are more detrimental than others. This is the main reason to why raw foodists are against cooking; they claim that uncooked food supports optimal health since all the nutritional values are preserved.

However, other studies indicate that some foods in fact are more beneficial when cooked. The cell walls of foods such as spinach, tomatoes and carrots normally break down when heated hence releasing antioxidants. This provides an easier entrance of such healthy materials into the body from the food.

The Methods


Nuking comes along with minimal destruction of nutrients since cooking takes a short time making it one of the healthiest methods of cooking. Microwaves method of cooking is by heating the food from inside out. The food is cooked when the microwave emits radio waves that activate molecules in the food hence generating heat. Cooking with a microwave sometime may lead to food dry out. This can be countered by placing wet towel over the dish or splashing a bit of water before heating. The need to add extra oils is nixed by the microwave’s cooking way. The best part of it is that you can cook about anything, from eggs and neat to rice and veggies. Researches also show that it may be one of the best methods of nutrients preservation in veggies. For example, the best technique to preserve vitamin C is by the use of microwaving broccoli. It is essential to ensure that you are using a microwave-safe container.


This method can be used to cooking anything from fish fillets to vegetables since is enables them to simmer in their own juices and therefore preserve all the natural high-quality. There is also no need of adding fat-laden to the moisture. Seasoning the food first by squeezing lemon juice or sprinkling salt on it is important. Studies indicate that steaming broccoli could be the best way of cooking it for those who love carcinogen-fighting glucosinolates. Once the glucosinolates, it changes into compound known as isothiocyanates which research attributes it to inhibiting cancer cell growth.


In boiling, all one needs to add is a touch of salt and water thus making it easy and quick. Nevertheless, the large water volumes and high temperatures may cause the dissolution and wash away 60-70 percent of minerals and water-soluble vitamins, particularly certain veggies. In fact, study show that for broccoli, zucchini and carrots, boiling could be the best technique of conserving nutrients as compared to frying, steaming or eating raw.


Poaching appears to be same as boiling since no extra additives are required. IT is basically the cooking of food in small quantities of hot water. The cooking process takes slightly longer making some experts associate it with lesser nutrients retention. However, this is a great technique for cooking gently delicate food such as fruits, eggs and fish. Furthermore, in our book this is the most delicious way of cooking an egg.


Grilling is the best choice for someone who wants to maximize on nutrients without sacrificing the flavor. It keeps vegetables tender and juicy but imparts a smoky flavor and needs less fat. Even though the above ones are healthy benefits, not every aspect of grilling is advantageous. Some studies showcase that a risk of breast and pancreatic cancer development by habitual consumption charred meat. An imbalance of antioxidants in the body is also another case associated with cooking at high heats. The high heat normally cause reactions between proteins and fats in the meat and can lead to inflammation. This eventually increases the chances of contracting cardiovascular and diabetes disease.

This does not necessarily imply that BBQs should be avoided, you can just put dark meat on the rarer side and utilize lean meat cuts that need lees time of cooking.


This method of cooking is achieved by placing the food under direct and high heat for a short time. When preparing tender meat cuts, this is the best technique. One should keep in mind that the excess fat should be trimmed before cooking. Nevertheless, cooking veggies using this method may lead to them drying out easily and son it is not advisable.


Since this technique does not necessitate for some oil in the pan, a moderate amount should be applied to get a good smear on the vegetables or meat. It is effective for grains like quinoa and rice, thin-cut vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, snow peas and julienned and bite-sized meat pieces.

No Cooking

In recent years raw food diets have gained popularity majorly for good reasons. Researches recommend that it is more beneficial to incorporate more raw foods into ones diet. Consumption of the rainbow has been noted by studies to be a player in reduction of cancer risks. The diet is accords you with minerals, fiber and vitamins with no added fats or sugars since they mostly plant based foods. Although some raw materials may be super-healthy, studies indicate that cooking can magnify nutrients in some food such as antioxidants in carotenoids like spinach, pepper, carrots and sweet potatoes and lycopene in tomatoes.

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