Recipes Proving Paleo Diet Is Not Boring


For our brothers and sisters how have been living under a rock for the past decade or two, paleo diet is basically a “Stone Age” diet that bases its core principles from our hunter-gatherer, ancestors and merges those with modern scientific research and a fair dose of common sense.

Below is a collection of a few tasty recipes that best illustrates the versatility of this kind of diet proving all the haters who see paleo boring or bland wrong.

When starting out its easy for you to mainly concentrate on the foods that you will not be able to take such as grains, legumes, sugar, dairy or soy. This is if fact not the best approach to adopt when you’re still new. Fixating on the things you won’t be able to enjoy is no fun and might lead to you giving up on the diet soon after you start. The truth of the matter is that paleo offers plenty to choose from and the food is damn delicious.

Bearing in mind the resources available, the food recipes range from comfort foods you love to healthier variances of main go-to takeaway dishes, these recipes will definitely satisfy your deepest cravings.

Chorizo & sweet potato egg skillet

This egg skillet with chorizo and sweet potatoes is an ideal dish during weekend breakfasts or brunches, or even as a quick fix for dinner. It’s a Spanish inspired meal, where eggs are often layered sunny side up over fried potatoes with either chorizo or jamon.

Almond flour waffles

One major huddle for people starting out this diet is getting used to eating savory foods every time especially in the mornings. While we strongly push for simple mushrooms, bacon or eggs to provide long-lasting energy, occasionally, you need to indulge. Stay on track during the weekends with these zero-grain waffles. Get creative with toppings such as almond butter and a sprinkle of hemp seeds, or just keep it simple with delicious, paleo-friendly maple syrup.

Turmeric fried eggs with roasted pumpkin

This tasty paleo breakfast is a mouth-watering permutation of turmeric and paprika spiced fried eggs, roasted pumpkin, fried mushrooms, garlic and onions, and crunchy zucchini. It’s easy on the eyes, nutritious and offers that “dinning at a fancy café” vibe.

Other great breakfast recipes to try out include: Breakfast pizza quiche, Sausage & egg McMuffin, Low-carb cauliflower hash browns with eggs, and Mexican shakshuka.

Vegetable dishes & sides

Paleo kimchi sweet potato fries

If you fancy poutine, you might like this spin on a hearty and satisfying fries dish. The paleo diet prides itself on adding new foods to the diet. For this delicacy, replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes and cheese with fermented veggies. The spicy sauce and caramelised kimchi in this one of a kind dish will amaze you and offer a food truck-worthy feeling.

Pineapple fried rice

Cauliflower and the paleo diet have become synonymous. Individuals following this diet are determined to master anything and everything regarding the preparation of cauliflower. Although some recipes work out better than others, this combination of rice, cauliflower and pineapples with cashews is a thing of beauty.

Crack cauliflower with spicy red sauce

This snackish meal is so addictive we had to add “crack” in its name. Once you have the first bite it’s tough to stop. The crispy zero-grain crumb and baked cauliflower offers a cheater deep-fried texture. The sweet and spicy red sauce made up of tomato paste, lime, honey, and chilies provides that extra kick of rich flavor.

Other great veggie dishes and sides to try out include: Georgian salad with creamy walnut dressing, Grain-free dinner rolls, and Creamy broccoli slaw with cranberries and celery.

Dinner mains (meat, poultry, fish)

Crispy garlic pork steaks with lemon pepper beans & leeks

This exciting and tasty paleo dinner dish kick as off on a high. The juicy garlic pork steaks are not just mouth watering but easy to cook. Served with a side of crunchy lemon slice, golden fried leeks, and green beans, this meal is very nourishing. In place of pork you can use beef, chicken or lamb steaks.

Meatloaf with bacon & balsamic onions

Although meatloaf isn’t considered an exciting choice of meat, adding some bacon wrapping around the loaf is a great idea of enjoying a grain-free, hearty, and protein-rich piece of red meat you need to try. Topping it with some no-sugar ketchup and naturally sweet balsamic onions and you get a definite winner.

There are countless ways to combine paleo accepted food to make some awesome dinner recipes, but for now here are some recipes worthy of at least a mention: Baked paleo celeriac carbonara, Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls With Crispy Bacon, Paleo Crispy Sesame ‘Tofu’, Honey lime Cajun salmon with cauliflower tomato rice, Paleo prawn and zucchini Arrabbiata, Bang bang chicken with mango & cucumber salad, Chicken sausage & fennel soup, Korean-style spicy chicken, and Turkey club chopped salad with aioli.


Chocolate hazelnut tart with salted caramel

It would only be fair to close this exciting range of paleo recipes with this unique and amazingly sweet chocolate and caramel tart. You can never go wrong with this piece of perfection whe it comes to serving your loved ones with this exciting tart recipe.

Other exciting deserts to try out include: Chocolate chip skillet cookies, No bake chocolate caramel slice, Paleo friendly raspberry & coconut cake, and Dark chocolate “nice cream.”


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