This Cat Gave Birth To Kittens But Became A Mother To Hedgehogs Too


An amazing cat known as Musya has shocked its owner and a whole team of veterinarians after finding her breastfeeding little kittens. Musya was one year old but was unique. Here is her exciting short story.

1) Her Home

She was a resident cat at Sadgorod Zoo, and many people loved her. She wandered all over the Zoo, but she always had company. The Zoo had many animals such as lions, tigers, and bears.

2) How She Became A Resident Cat

The cat was not like the other animals in the Sadgorod Zoo. Musya ended up staying there by mistake. Alice, one of the zookeepers, noticed her while she was working. Alice spotted a black object moving on one cold day.

3) A Tiny Cat

Alice knew that the black object was not just a dirt mound. She discovered that it was a little kitten frozen in the cold. She had hedgehogs on her nose, and she could not move. Alice took the cat and wrapped her in her jacket before taking her to the vet.

4) At The Vets

The vets did everything they could to save the little kitten. They were glad that the kitten made it that night. As days went by, the cat started becoming stronger, and they took her to the staff room to take good care of her.

5) Everyone Loved Her

Everybody who worked at the Zoo loved Musya, the new member of their family. They were glad that she grew stronger each day. As time went by, she was able to run in the room and play all day.

6) Running Away

After some time, the zoo workers realized that the Zoo was not a safe place for the cat. Cats love it when their world is discovered. Therefore, when a zookeeper left the door open, she took advantage of it and ran away.

7) Her Missing

With so many animals in the Zoo, the workers were very worried after noting that Musya was missing. They were worried that she could get hurt by the bigger animals. As a result, the workers started looking for her.

8) Looking For Her

Everyone panicked on learning that Musya left the room on her own. They spent two days looking for her everywhere, hoping that she was not in any danger. After a long search, some people thought that she would not come back, but Alice was confident she would.

9) Coming Back

After two long days, Musya finally came back home. Alice was so delighted to see her alive and safe. Alice thought about looking for the cat’s home but later thought against the idea. She settled on keeping Musya.

10) She Changed

Before Musya went missing, she was playful and very sweet. However, a few weeks after she returned, all that changed. She was cranky and lethargic. She did not want to come out even when the door was open.

11) Missing Again

One day the cat went missing again. Alice had gone back to the staff lounge for a cup of tea when she noticed Musya was not there. She was very worried because the weather was terrible.

12) Finding Her

Alice had a feeling that Musya was within the Zoo. While she was searching slightly past the Zoo’s lion, she heard a cry in the bush. Alice pointed her flashlight on the spot where the noise came from and found Musya.

13) She Wasn’t Alone

Alice noticed that the cat was sitting quietly, but she was not alone. She noticed that something was creeping on Musya’s chest. She got surprised when she discovered that Musya had kittens with her. However, that was not all.

14) Big Surprise

Everyone was shocked to see the kittens, but that was not all; something was slipping into Musya’s chest. What surprised them most was seeing baby hedgehogs with the cat. They took the hedgehogs with them.

15) Taking Care Of Them

Alice took Musya to a vet who was surprised. The vet separated the hedgehog’s babies from the kitten. However, as soon as he left, Musya moved close to the hedgehog’s babies and moved the kittens close to them. Musya then relaxed with all of them.


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