DIY Kitchen Hacks You Must Know


1. Flowery Leek Slices

Cucumber (medium sized)
Leek (thin – medium sized stem)
Sour berries
Cutting Board
Cut the leek vegetable diagonally . Take the middle portions (it resembles a trapezium in shape). Pin a toothpick on the leek (not the knife cutting surface) . Fan out the inner leaf rolls. The toothpick holding it together gives a constellation shape. Push up the leek cutting to the middle of the toothpick. Cut the top and the end portions of the cucumber away to give a perfect cylindrical shape. Cut the long cylindrical shaped cucumbers to smaller length portions (a medium length can be cut into three smaller portions). Stand the cylindrical shaped cucumbers in a plate. Pin the leek vegetable on the toothpick in the center of the cylindrical shaped cucumber. Pin the sour cherries on the exposed upper part of the toothpick.

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